Personality Impacting Performance

Congratulations on Your Decision to Purchase a Psychological Skills Profile!

You're first step toward finishing the Personality Impacting Performance program.

As a player, parent, or coach, you want to develop every edge possible for sports performance success.

To start, purchase and complete the easy-to-follow and self-guided Psychological Skills Profile (PSP). Completion requires less than one hour.

The PSP gives you in-depth insights into a student-athletes abilities and what style of coaching will be most effective for that player’s evaluated psychological makeup.

To finish, you will use the unique player insights from the PSP to produce a comprehensive Development Plan based on these player insights.

The PIP program will help the athlete identify and develop the necessary skills needed to succeed.

It will also help coaches integrate players quickly into teams, adjust their coaching style to individual players, and prevent off-field issues.

As importantly, it will help the student-athlete grow and succeed beyond sports.

We are proud to offer you this opportunity, and we thank you for your trust in the Personality Impacting Performance program.

We look forward to helping you maximize player potential, and helping the player to reach their goals.


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