Personality Impacting Performance

Elite Coaches Know that personality information is critical to team success

Why a PSP Assessment?

Your job is to win. Having as much player information as possible—before and after drafting them—is the only way that you can build a championship team. Players require complete preparation, so do coaches.

PSP personality profiles help you evaluate talent beyond what you can see and even beyond what others can tell you. They reveal what’s in a person’s mind and heart. Helping you to:

  • Integrate players quickly into the team culture
  • Match players to roles
  • Correct performance faster)
  • Align coaching style with individuals
  • Reduce off-field distractions
  • Improve team chemistry)
  • Emphasize mental approach to the game


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Frequently Asked Questions

Scoring is based on decades  of research with a highly validated reliable tool that measures 16 different personality facets. These insights have been used by a number of professional and collegiate teams. 

Yes, but it may take weeks, or even months for some of the behaviors to surface. We can provide insights immediately which saves you the time and frustration by preventing issues from happening correcting them as soon as they surface.

We simply need your players to commit 20 minutes to complete the profile assessment.


Once we have the information we can create a benchmark for the team as well. Comparing individual players or groups of players by position and/or role to this team benchmark.

The great thing about PSP is that you can use it whichever way you would like. It can be completely personalized to you or your teams needs. However to have the best sense of your teams identity, we urge you to apply PSP to your entire team. 

Student athletes will benefit from the information in the classroom, on the field and into their careers. Early assessment and development will elevate individuals now and for years to come. Everyone benefits for years to come knowing the results of the PSP and implementing a development plan during a time in their life when the greatest development changes are occurring.

Some competitors suggest taking a profile every year, but we believe your budget should be better spent.


Once you have the information the most important things to evaluate are the changes a player makes to improve. There really is no reason to reassess your players if you are seeing the progress you need from them.

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As a coach and instructor with the Los Angeles Dodgers, USA Baseball, and my own program at the Reggie Smith Baseball Academy, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of two of the most critical attributes, aside from physical tools, that I look for in admittance to my academy program: “Aptitude” and “Attitude,” both of which you can see with your own eyes, given enough time.

But equally important are the mental and emotional sides and traits of players that can be hidden by concentrated effort and circumstances. Issues that can bubble to the surface during times of stress or random chance.

PSP helps me get to the bottom of — as well as find solutions for — these characteristics faster than I can simply by observing games and having personal discussions with players and parents.

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Reggie Smith — 17-year MLB icon

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