Personality Impacting Performance

how to get the most from your Psychological Skills Profile (PSP)

Using Your Athlete Development Plan

We created the Psychological Skills Profile (PSP) to be easy to understand and use. Even though it’s simple, we based it on thorough scientific research. You can trust that the PSP will give you helpful insights.

You’ll find a tool called the Athlete Development Plan at the end of the PSP report. It’s a way for coaches and student-athletes to decide what skills they want to improve and measure their progress.

Research shows that setting small, achievable goals is the best way to make progress in personal development.

To use the Athlete Development Plan, the player and coach first need to choose a specific skill they want to improve, like throwing faster or kicking more accurately. Then they should talk about what they need to do differently in their training and practice to make progress.

Next, they should look at the traits listed under Mental Toughness and Behavioral Agility to see which will help or hinder their progress. They should pick 1 or 2 helpful characteristics and 1 or 2 traits that may hold them back.

They should include these traits in their new practice routine and discuss their progress regularly. By focusing on their small steps, they will feel more motivated to keep working hard and making progress.

We call this process Smart Practice, and it can help coaches and players improve together. The coach coaches better, and the player plays better. By working together and being accountable to each other, they can reach their goals and succeed.


sample athlete development plan
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