Personality Impacting Performance

Student Athletes Need Every Edge During the Recruiting Process

Why a PSP Assessment?

High School students want the best college opportunities possible. So do their parents.

If you are reading this, then our guess is that you consider “opportunities” to include athletics as well as academics.

Here is how a PSP personality profile can help a student athlete achieve success in both college recruitment and beyond:

  • Differentiate to coaches based upon athletic, academic, and behavioral aptitude
  • Identify coaching style that best suits your player
  • Suggest developmental skills to best build rapport with coaches and professors
  • Gain insights into tendencies that might affect college-level study habits
  • Reduce injuries by preventing potential risk areas
  • Discover career paths that best align with one’s personality
  • Begin preparing for life after athletics


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Frequently Asked Questions

This is by no means a test with right and wrong answers. This is a personality profile in which the information captured is providing insights about “what makes you tick” and nothing is good or bad.

PSP insights can help student athletes gain a competitive advantage in their chosen sport based upon not only their athletic ability but the mental approach to the game. Once they have these insights – combined with our live consultation- they will have many specific ideas on how to use the information. However it is up to them to apply the strategies to the part of their game they wish to improve.

People are always looking for a single silver bullet, data point that will absolutely predict success. PSP data should never be a sole determinant of any decision.


The information generated from the profile should be interpreted in light of other athletic, academic, and relevant information that is available about the student athlete.and should never be used as the sole basis for making recruitment or development decisions.

It is up to you how you wish to use the information. Athletes have used it as another data point to help set themselves apart from other recruits during the process. But to be clear, you don’t have to share the information with anyone, and can use it for your own personal planning and insights. (Too wishy washy, project confidence in how best to use it or get a letter from XceleRATE Analytics describing your strengths.)

Absolutely!  The information provided can benefit student athletes regarding college majors, career choices, study habits, interviewing techniques, and many other skills that will be essential beyond sports.

No our PSP data reveals trends that have been identified in a student athlete and are no way absolutes. (Speak to the age group and all are developmental skills regardless of the results today)


The data offers a snapshot of what makes them tick and tendencies they may currently show that we have to work with at this moment. But as they mature, some of these traits may change as one’s personality fully develops.

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The information in the PSP was very accurate and confirmed much of what we already know about my son’s makeup. It really reinforced the areas he needs to focus on to help him be successful at the next level.

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Frank M. — Son committed to play baseball at Vanderbilt University

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