Personality Impacting Performance

Help players, parents and coaches make better choices

Why a PSP Assessment?

Differentiate your academy from others. Provide more value to players and parents as well as recruiting/ drafting coaches with PSP. Because academies are no longer simply facilities for more competitive play. They are now a direct link to the draft/recruiting process. So the more you can help develop and and guide players, the more your academy becomes essential to everyone involved in recruitment. PSP player profiles add high value to an academy by:
  • Integrating players quickly into teams
  • Helping young players develop more effectively over time
  • Matching coaching styles at recruiting colleges to best suit your players
  • Emphasizing mental approach to players, parents, and coaches
  • Increasing total player value in the eyes of the coaches.
  • Going beyond sports to help every player and parent understand “what makes him or her tick”


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, but it may take weeks, or even months for some of the behaviors to surface. We can provide insights immediately which saves you the time and frustration by preventing issues from happening correcting them as soon as they surface.

The insights provided are to help you best develop each player and put the most competitive team on the field. There is tremendous competition in recruiting players to your academy. And having this information to develop your team, you can win more games, and get your players into solid college programs. 

Providing these services and results can only help your brand reputation increase.

How you use this information is up to you, the player, and the parents. Many student athletes have used PSP player profiles as another data point to help set themselves apart from other recruits during the process. But to be clear, you are not required to share the information with anyone.

All we need from your players to commit 30 minutes to do the assessment. Once we have the information we can create a benchmark for the player and for the team as a whole and compare individual players or groups of players by position to the team benchmarks.

People are always looking for a single silver bullet, data point that will absolutely predict success. PSP data should never be a sole determinant of any decision.

The information generated from the profile should be interpreted in light of other athletic, academic, and relevant information. That is available about the student athlete and should never be used as the sole basis for making recruitment or development decisions.

Absolutely! The information provided can benefit student athletes regarding college majors, career choices, study habits, interviewing techniques, and many other skills that will be essential beyond sports.

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You cannot truly develop an athlete without knowing their mental makeup. Just as in your daily life, you figure out how you can talk to certain people whether it be friends, family members, co-workers, etc.

The same goes for coaching: To get the most out of your players, you need to first understand how to approach them. That kind of attention builds trust, which ultimately leads to them “buying into” your methods, philosophies and ideas.

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Nick Massari GM Diamond Nation, Flemington, NJ

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